Stories from Māori Stroke Survivors

Rita Wordsworth tells her story of stroke and aphasia


Tawhai Te Rupe tells his tory of stroke


Kawana Timoti tells his story of stroke

Rukingi Richards tells his story of stroke (Warrant of Fitness)

Rukingi Richards’ story in te reo Māori (Te Karere)


Maraea has dementia caused by a stroke (Attitude TV)

A series of videos about stroke. Māori stories are near the bottom of the page (Stroke Foundation of New Zealand).

Instructions for watching the videos

Click on the photo to play the video. To make the video bigger click the box on the bottom right. It looks like this:

The video will open in a new window. When you are finished watching, press the Escape key to go back to this website.

To see subtitles click the cog on the bottom right. Then select “subtitles”. The subtitles are generated automatically so they are not always correct, and they don’t understand te reo Māori.